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October 12, 2015

With Two More 2015 USTCC Rounds, We’re in Very Good Position!

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With only two races remaining of seven in the United States Touring Car Championships Team  Life’s Good Racing!TM  is in a very formidable position for the season, holding the top three positions in Touring Car (TC) class and a tie for second in GT Class.  We won BOTH of the races at our last event at Sonoma Raceway, both the USTCC Touring Car Class and the USTCC GT Class!




We are going into Round #6 (of 7) the weekend of October 24 & 25 at Sonoma with this advantage, along with a significant challenge.  We are faced with having to rebuild the #10 Mitsubishi after it was involved in an accident at over 90mph between Turn 1 and Turn 2 just after the drop of the green flag at the last event, the weekend of Sept 25 & 26, at Sonoma Raceway.  The damage was significant as our car hit broadside a car in a faster class that lost control and made a right turn directly in front of our car, giving our driver no opportunity to even breathe off of the throttle.   Both drivers are ok and the other car is totalled.  If there is a team which can piece together our #10 Mitsubishi in time, it is ours!


You are probably wondering how this car/driver WON the race!  Since the race ended shortly after the green flag flew, the rules state that the race finishing order reverts back to the qualifying grid.  Since the might #10 Mitsubishi in the hands of the Sonoma Raceway expert, Michael Whelden, took the pole position for qualifying, he was awarded the win!

Similarly, Dave Brown driving the #96 Camaro pulled down the poll position for the race starting grid and was also awarded the win!IMG_1513R

Michael Whelden and Dave Brown making us proud at the top of the Podium with Sabrina and Mya!


Of course, we would not be competing at this level without a phenomenal team and an amazing list of partners including:

HAWK Performance, provides us with the braking confidence so that we can push our cars deep into turns at the highest rates of speed and be able to slow with confidence to make the turns.

Competition Clutch (CCI) gives us the opportunity to transmit all the power our engines make directly and flawlessly to our drive-trains with the highest performing and most reliable clutches on the market.

Sparta Evolution is the manufacturer of the big brake kits on both the #12 M3 and the #11 M3, first and second in mid-season points, and produces an over-the-top and beyond amazing easy-to-bolt-in kit that allow these two rocket ships to out-brake the competition turn after turn reliably and with zero fade

AST Suspension, Santa Clara  provides over-the-top shocks and suspension components.

WORKS Motorsports of Sonoma, right at the Sonoma Raceway, is THE master of AWD chassis tuning and keeps our #10Mitsubishi performing at its absolute peek!

San Rafael Mitsubishi, is a local Mitsubishi dealer offering the best service and support of any such dealer in the area.

Come out the last weekend of this month and join us at Sonoma Raceway for more exciting action.  Mention you saw and Like’d us on Facebook and we’ll enter your name for an at-Track drawing for some team attire.

See you at the Races!

Karl Chicca

One Comments on “With Two More 2015 USTCC Rounds, We’re in Very Good Position!

  1. Mario says:
    October 14, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    Great LS race Mr. Wheldon

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