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August 29, 2015

Time to Start Rebuilding the Beast!

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Time to Start Rebuilding the Beast!…… If you’re a car guy, you’ve probably had a special relationship with one car.  For me that one car is my 69 Camaro.  As I’ve shared in a previous post, I purchased this car from an Open Road Racer and I morphed it to a track car and then a very SERIOUS track car.  It’s wreck broke both my daughter’s heart and mine as well.  It represents a special bond between my daughter, Kaitlin and I.  You see, I used to take her to school in it when she was in elementary school, and then in middle school.  I’ll never forget coming home from work when she was in 3rd grade and seeing a paper she brought home from school.  She had an assignment to draw a picture of something she experienced during the weekend.  Well, she drew a picture of my bright red 1969 Camaro in a parking lot with a lot of other cars…. and those other cars’ alarms were going off!  The dual exhaust with Two Chamber Flowmasters behind the 383 cu in Small Block produced a very throaty rumble that had a tendency to set up car alarms!!!  However because of the way she drew, I was immediately concerned that it could be interpreted that we were breaking into cars and setting off car alarms!!!  Off to school I hustled to set the record straight with her teacher…

The wreck occurred last year during the 2014 NASA West Coast Championships.  In my next posting I will share what lead up to the wreck as well as the failure analysis that has produced a root cause.

Here’s the Beast in Turn 4 at Sonoma Raceway.  I was giving a ride to a teammate’s son.

Karl Chicca

Camaro wheels up Sears Point 2

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