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November 9, 2015

The Whole Enchilada

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….from the Driver’s Seat

Update: November 9, 2015

….. The last race of the season and it’s for the Whole Enchilada!

The weekend of November 24 & 25 at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, California will be the 7th and final US Touring Car Championships Round for Team Life’s Good Racing!TM  and the 2015 Season.   With cars currently in 1st, 2nd and 4th in the Season Points Standings, we like our chances, however the competition is fierce and the points spread narrow.  Before discussing that further, I’d like to share what transpired at Sonoma Raceway just 2.5 weeks ago.

We entered the weekend with Team cars in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, after the September race weekend at Sonoma Raceway which saw an early end to the race resulting from a dramatic wreck between our #10 Mitsubishi and another car from a faster class which lost control and spun suddenly and uncontrollably in front of Michael Whelden, who was piloting the #10 car.  Here is how the car appeared after the wreck.

The race literally ended in the first turn as emergency vehicles were called onto track and the driver of the other car taken to the hospital.  Luckily, Michael was not injured in any way requiring medical attention, however he was very sore and would remain so well into the second week after the accident as he was accelerating in 4th gear when the other car crossed his path and essentially came to a halt at that point.

As with anything that is challenging, there is always something positive to find in such an outcome.  In this case, the positive was VERY positive for as he was awarded the WIN based on qualifying order, however the car was in a huge world of hurt after that impact.#10

Then…. The Team Life’s Good Racing!TM  took the challenge on to rebuild the car in a short 3.5 weeks in order to be ready for the October Race.  And they did it!!!

With a full complement of cars, we went into the October race stoked about our recent successes and potential for building upon them.  We were successful with one podium with Justin Crickenberger pulling down a 3rd place in a very hard-fought battle on Sunday and with Beau Borders taking a 4th place directly behind him.  Unfortunately, a mechanical issue with the #10 resulted in the driver of that car taking an 8th place and our #96 Camaro retired early with a failed fuel system delivery component.

Sonoma Podium

After the points were tallied, the Touring Car Season points appear as:

USTCC Standings

And, in GT Class the team of Dave Brown and KarlChicca are in 3rd in Season Points.

Now it’s down to this final round and for the Team to bring home the hardware by providing the best possible performing cars to the respective drivers.  The lineup for this weekend will be:

Beau Borders, #12M3

Karl Chicca, #11M3

Mauricio Lastres, #10 Mitsubishi

You can follow the weekend’s progress on our social media pages including, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Facebook also can be access from the home page of this site.  Better yet, come out and cheer the team on.  Both days, warm-ups are at 9am and races will be held at 1pm.

As always, these great results could not be achieved without support from our partners, including:

HAWK Performance, provides us with the braking confidence so that we can push our cars deep into turns at the highest rates of speed and be able to slow with confidence to make the turns.

Competition Clutch (CCI) gives us the opportunity to transmit all the power our engines make directly and flawlessly to our drive-trains with the highest performing and most reliable clutches on the market.

Sparta Evolution is the manufacturer of the big brake kits on both the #12 M3 and the #11 M3, first and second in mid-season points, and produces an over-the-top and beyond amazing easy-to-bolt-in kit that allow these two rocket ships to out-brake the competition turn after turn reliably and with zero fade

Dublin Big O Tires, provides the most competitive tire prices and best mount and balance service in the SF Bay Area.

San Rafael Mitsubishi, is a local Mitsubishi dealer offering the best service and support of any such dealer in the area.

AKG Motorsports, manufactures some of the highest quality BMW bushings and quick shifters on the market, and therefore are used throughout our cars.

AST Suspension, supplies multi-adjustable shocks and struts providing for the greatest performance control and feel for road racing.

See you at the final race of the season!

Karl Chicca, Livermore, CA


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