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  • The Team

    The TeamThe Life's Good Racing!TM team as seen during the first race of the year at Sears Point (Sonoma Raceway) in February with the 2008 Mitisubishi Ralliart, which competes in the US Touring Car series. In addition to this series, the Team competes in Time Trials with a 1969 Camaro which is undefeated in the first six race weekends of the 2012 season. The Team will also soon be debuting a 2012 Camaro bodied Stock Car in the Western Endurance Racing Championships series (WERC). Pictured here are (not in order): Karl Chicca, Dave Brown, Chris Hovey, Uncle Mike Brown, Chris Carstens, Eric VanZandt, James Gouveia, and Ken Blake. Not pictured members of the team include Claudia Castillo, Dan Chicca, Dave "Pitt" Pittenger and Andrew Pittenger.

  • Karl Chicca, Team Owner

    Karl Chicca, Team OwnerTeam Owner and co-driver of the Life's Good Racing!TM Camaro, Karl's performance in the recently completed 2009 season was by far his best. This last year was his third year of racing, during which he earned four wins as his contribution to the team's overall success. His multiple podiums and top five finishes this last season build upon accomplishments during the two prior years, which include 2007 Camaro-Mustang Challenge Rookie of the Year in the California Division. His racing experience extends back ten years prior to Camaro-Mustang Challenge competition and includes open road racing events, including a win in the 2000 "Pony Express 2" 140mph division. He has over 14 years in high performance driving with extensive coaching from the professionals at Bondurant Racing School and from Dave Brown, who is now his team mate and co-driver. Karl also brings to the team over 20 years of multi-national, high tech, executive level business leadership experience, a significant asset not only to the team but to its business partners. Contact Karl Chicca, Team Owner and Co-Driver, for all your Performance Parts needs. Parts Customer Service Click Here to Email Karl Shop: 925-243-9270

  • Dave Brown, Team Manager & Sr. Driving Coach

    Dave Brown, Team Manager & Sr. Driving CoachTeam Manager and co-driver, Dave Brown is an accomplished professional with 20 championships in 20 years. These successes were achieved under multiple sanctioning bodies (SCCA, NASA, NASCAR, FIA/Trans-AM) and across a number of classes. His most recent championship in the Northern California Camaro-Mustang Challenge 2 series comes on the heels of back-to-back national championships in the United States Touring Car Championship Series in 2005 and 2006, which included winning the event held at the inaugural San Jose Grand Prix. He also earned back-to-back championships in NASA's American Stock Car Series in 2001 and 2002, in addition to a marathon of championships from 1995 through 2000 in the NASA Super Unlimited Endurance Series. Other championships have been scored in Pro Sedan 1 and Handicapped Pro Series. He holds multiple track records at Infineon, Laguna Seca, Thunderhill, Buttonwillow, Pomona, Phoenix, San Jose, and Auto Club Speedway; has been a test development driver for Tesla Motors and professional race-driver instructor and coach. In NASCAR's Southwest Tour Dave has battled with such renowned professionals as Kevin Harvick and Boris Said, finishing third in a race at Infineon behind these two NASCAR Sprint Cup regulars while beating others in that race. Dave also does performance marketing events, including this entertaining event for Mitsubishi. Contact Dave Brown, Team Manager and Co-Driver for all your needs related to Corporate Team Building,  "Arrive and Drive" Program and Coaching. Performance Driving & Race Team Coach Click Here to Email Dave cell: 408-307-4184

  • Chris Hovey - Crew Chief and Master Mechanic

    Chris Hovey - Crew Chief and Master MechanicChris has been building and tuning race cars for more years than he'll ever admit. He has been responsible for design, construction and campaign support on championship-level Midgets, Sprint cars, Modifieds, Stock cars, Indy cars, off-road racers, hill climb cars, auto-crossers and more. He has worked with top pro drivers like Mike Bliss, Davey Hamilton and countless others over the years. Chris Hovey & Dave Brown have worked together in road racing for nearly 20 years resulting in 19 National Championships and hundreds of wins. Chris heads up all mechanical activities for the Life's Good Racing!TM vehicles and is also the leader and mentor for all of the crew members. Chris' even keel and incredible mechanical abilities both in the shop and at the track keep Life's Good Racing!TM at the front of the pack. Contact Chris Hovey, Crew Chief & Shop Manager for all your Race Car Fabrication and Service needs. Click Here to Email Chris cell: 209-241-9678

  • "Uncle" Mike Brown, Sr. Crew Member and Director of Northern California Sales

    "Uncle Mike" Brown has been a racing nut forever, (like most of us). Following a Saturday night Rock & Blues guitar-ripping performance, it's a rare Sunday that goes by without Uncle Mike being part of the couch broadcasting crew during the NASCAR race. These years of "couch-casting" has paid huge dividends in Mike's intial role as the primary Spotter for Life's Good Racing!TM. Awareness of the interactions of cars on the track and an understanding of the flags & rules enabled Uncle Mike to immediately become one of the best spotters we've ever worked with, regardless of on-track experience. When the cars are not on the track, Uncle Mike has taken on a key position as mechanic on the crew. Uncle Mike has been instrumental in the construction of the 2012 WERC Camaro, and constant improvement of the '69 Camaro & '08 Mitsubishi

  • Chris Carstens, Sr. Crew Member

    Chris Carstens, Sr. Crew MemberChris Carstens joined us in support of the Auto Club Speedway weekend in Fontana and has become a permanent member of the Life's Good Racing!TM team. With high performance driving experience and professional coaching from the professionals at the Bondurant School, Chris understands what is required to hustle a car around the track. He combines his many years of automotive experience with his expertise in V8 power plants to offer the team invaluable technical knowledge and hands-on support both in the garage and track-side. We are grateful to have Chris at our side.

  • Mark DeShetler, Master Fabricator

    Mark DeShetler, Master FabricatorMark DeShetler is the Chief Fabricator for the Life's Good Racing!TM team. His vast experience with multi-material fabrication techniques have been invaluable during the development and fine-tuning of the race car program. Mark’s years of experience has included complete race car fabrication including chassis, cage, component and body work. His fabrication skills are complemented by his professional electrical experience, and as such, is a key contributor to the successes that Life's Good Racing!TM has achieved. He has combined his depth and breadth of knowledge in fabrication with his own successful racing careers in high speed (160mph average speed target) open road racing and dirt track racing to be a valued, multi-faceted contributor.

  • Dave Pittenger, Sr. Crew Member & Team Historian

    Dave Pittenger, Sr. Crew Member & Team HistorianDave joined the Life's Good Racing!TM in mid 2012 as a "jackstand of all trades"! He brings his broad understanding and incredible passion of road racing, combined with his solid understanding of car mechanics to the team in an infectious and uplifting manner. He has been travelling with the team to its venues assisting in any and every manner, including as the all-important fuel man during the Enduro races where his unbelievable strength plays a huge role. When Dave is not throwing 40 pound jugs of fuel around like they were toys, he is an estimator at Cen-Con Incorporated in Santa Cruz, California.

  • Gary Minnich, Car Chief and Sr. Crew Member

    Gary Minnich, Car Chief and Sr. Crew MemberGary joined us early in the 2013 season and quickly demonstrated his broad automotive industry background and leadership skills as he was assigned Car Chief role for the Life's Good Racing!TM newly completed #96 2012 Camaro. His experience in the auto industry, which spanned 17 years at NUMMI in Fremont, has greatly assisted the team not only driving improvements but with his intense attention to detail. Benefitting from his leadership skills, the team quickly moved him into the Car Chief role, which requires oversight of all facets of supporting team and the vehicle itself.

  • Eric VanZandt, Sr. Crew Member

    Eric VanZandt, Sr. Crew MemberEric has been part of Life's Good Racing!TM Team since 2010 and his support relationship with Dave Brown predates that by at least a decade. Eric's diverse, hands-on skills both in the pits and as a driver himself has positioned him as the go-to guy in multiple roles throughout the team from Car Chief to Spotter. His easy going attitude and depth of technical and leadership skills makes Eric an invaluable asset on the Team!

  • Kaitlin Chicca, #1 Fan

    Kaitlin Chicca, #1 FanKaitlin Chicca merits the moniker as Team Life's Good Racing!TM #1 Fan as she truly was the first to ride in our showcase race car, the #69 Camaro, back when she was in elementary school and her dad, Karl, took her for rides during which the very low exhaust note from the dual exhaust system would set off car alarms.  Fond memories.  This passion for the #69 Camaro evolved into cars in general and, eventually, to the track where she has spent considerable time both in the pits and on track in various street and track cars demonstrating her own driving prowess.