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Race & Street Car Fabrication & Services

race car fabrication

Track Prep
At  Life’s Good Racing!TM  we offer a broad range of services required to ensure your car is ready for a fast and safe time at the track whether you are running track days or competing at a professional level.  Such offerings include: Alignments, Chassis Corner Balancing, Safety Inspections (including allmechanicals such as suspension, steering, hoses, controls, etc), Maintenance & Fluid changes; Race Class or HPDE Prep; and NASA Race & HPDE Certified Inspections.

Modifications & Upgrades
If you can think of a modification or an upgrade you want done to your race car, chances are that we can bring your concept to reality.  Call us or come in and challenge us as we enjoy doing the unusual or challenging. Additionally, we offer such modifications and upgrades as:

Driver Comfort & Safety
• F.A.S.T. driver cool shirt and helmet cooler systems installations
• RaceTech Race Seats, Safety Harnesses, Window Nets & Steering Wheels
• Rollbars& Roll Cages

Performance Upgrades
• Brakes
• Suspension
• Exhaust

Communications & Data Acquisition
Have you been looking to take your track experience to the next level?  Is it time for communications with your crew in the pits or with some “eyes” in the stands in the form of a spotter?  We offer complete communications systems and installation of Sampson Racing Communications radios, harnesses, headsets, etc.

And, if you’re looking for GPS-based data acquisition and some of the best analytical tools available, we can install a Traqmate data acquisition system and show you how to use its infinite capabilities.  We utilize these tools not only for race analysis, but also for coaching and our own self-improvement.

Rebuilds & Repairs
The Crew at Life’s Good Racing!TM  can repair, replace, rebuild or upgrade your engine, transmission, or rear end or clutch from mild to wild depending on your driving demands.  We service imports and domestics, having experience across myriad brands and models.

Complete Race Car Fabrication
Whether you are converting a street car into a race car or wanting to have a completely dedicated race car built from a tube frame, we are your solution for your race car fabrication needs. Ranging from 160HP BMW Spec E30 “spec class” race cars to tube chassis Trans Am 2 class fiberglass-bodied tube frame beasts, we have the experience to complete your vision.

Contact Chris Hovey, Crew Chief & Shop Manager for all your Race Car Fabrication and Service needs.
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