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“Arrive & Drive” Race Car Program & Coaching

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NOTE:  EFFECTIVE 2018 and until further notice, we will only be offering these services during NASA NorCal weekend events, which can be found in our Calendar,

Track Day Adventures
Have you ever want to try a few laps around a world famous race track? Life’s Good Racing!TM can provide help for you to realize that dream. With an experienced technical and instruction team we can help you get on track in your car or in one of ours. We are certified technical inspectors that can ensure your car is ready for the track. We can tell you in a non-biased manner what you need, and what you don’t need to get out on track and start having fun. From first-timers, to experienced race drivers, we have the expertise, the passion, and the technical know-how to make sure you have a safe and rewarding motor sporting experience.

Arrive & Drive Programs
Life’s Good Racing!TM has a fleet of high performance vehicles to suit your every track day and racing need. If you are an experienced racer looking for that podium-capable ride, we may have just what you’re looking for. We offer top competitive vehicles for NASA, SCCA, USTCC, GT, Trans-Am2, WERC, Spec E-30, BMWCCA and many other series. But as you know, it’s not just the car, it’s the team that enables the win. Professional track-side support, car, fuel, tires, data acquisition, radio & spotter, and all consumables are provided. Our team has more victories, championships and awards than we have space to list here. But most importantly, we have the validation of customer satisfaction that stems from our passion for this sport. Our clients ARE our team.

Performance Coaching
Life’s Good Racing!TM offers professional, experienced, 1-on-1 performance driving instruction and coaching for clients at all levels. With over 20 years of racing experience and 15 years of instruction experience, we can probably save you some time ($) realizing your potential and help accelerate your learning curve. If you want to learn advanced driving techniques, gain comfort and confidence in your car control skills, improve lap times, or break through that glass-ceiling that has been keeping you mid-pack, we can help. We have worked with hundreds of clients from first-timers to time-trialers, to championship-level racers. We will ensure you are safe and have the confidence in your abilities so that you can and will go faster.