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May 11, 2017

Putting the Speed in Speed Shop… Some Very Cool Cars Here!

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…. from the driver’s seat… May 11, 2017

Whether working on our own race cars in prep for a race weekend, track day, customer outing, corporate event, or just for fun, we’re just not able to get enough of this stuff!  And, to top it all off, take a look at some of the amazing machines we’re privileged to have at Life’s Good Racing! for either track or street massaging.  OMG, these are so amazing and every day brings a new and exciting challenge whether a simple service, upgrade, or crazy fab job.


Yes!  That’s a 2011 C6 Z06 CARBON EDITION!  It’s an already amazing beast and we are fitting a Kerry Hitt C6R Aero Body Kit.  Fantasies do come true!

And then there’s the Italian Wolfe, which is definitely not in sheep’s clothing.  This amazing spec race car from Italy is a wicked, lightweight carbon fibre monster that we are entrusted with to perform track prep and support.  Talk about a slot car!   You can see our other slot car right next to the Wolfe.  That’s the NP01 we also enjoy supporting and campaigning with it’s proud owner!

It’s not all cool race cars either.  Check out this beautiful 67 Camaro which rolled in for some TLC.

And, as if that wasn’t amazing enough for one week, check out the 70 Dodge Challenger with the venerable 440 and 6 Pack!!!!

Can it get any better?!?  God, I love this play (not fair to call it work!!!)  BTW, we welcome you to check out these amazing machines at our shop in Livermore along with our retail room.

We’ll be at Sonoma this Sunday running with SpeedSF, one of our favorite track clubs and supporting the #20Wolfe.  Feel free to come out and get a dose of high octane fun and smell the burning rubber!

See ya at the races!









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