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May 13, 2015

“Uncle” Mike Brown, Sr. Crew Member and Director of Northern California Sales

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“Uncle Mike” Brown has been a racing nut forever, (like most of us). Following a Saturday night Rock & Blues guitar-ripping performance, it’s a rare Sunday that goes by without Uncle Mike being part of the couch broadcasting crew during the NASCAR race. These years of “couch-casting” has paid huge dividends in Mike’s intial role as the primary Spotter for Life’s Good Racing!TM. Awareness of the interactions of cars on the track and an understanding of the flags & rules enabled Uncle Mike to immediately become one of the best spotters we’ve ever worked with, regardless of on-track experience. When the cars are not on the track, Uncle Mike has taken on a key position as mechanic on the crew. Uncle Mike has been instrumental in the construction of the 2012 WERC Camaro, and constant improvement of the ’69 Camaro & ’08 Mitsubishi