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January 11, 2016

More & Less… on #69 Camaro

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We’re thankful to have Hot Rod follow our coverage of the rebuild after the devastating crash that occurred at Sonoma Raceway in 2014.  We will be posting lots of pictures and details on the rebuild, however I thought it would be interesting to hear a little more of the personal side of this story.  First, however, here is how she currently looks as we prepare our plan for complete rebuild, and I mean COMPLETE rebuild at Life’s Good Racing! in Livermore, California.  BTW, we are open to visitors if you ever want to come by and check out this car’s progress or any of the other team or customer cars, please stop by!   We’ve also added a SIM driving room for you to check out!  Mention you saw this posting and get some SIM time on us!


We’re also very familiar with rebuilds.  Check out what our #10Mitsubishi looked like after a 90mph T-Bone incident (with an out-of-control) car at Sonoma Raceway looked like this last Fall and what she looked like one month later!  Many had given her up for lost.  Not us!  This car won two races this last year in the professional series, United States Touring Car Championships and we were not about to give up on her.

#10 Before & After


Back to the #69 Camaro…. As Hot Rod shared, it is not uncommon to have a personal side to a story involving a love affair with a car.  In this case, it has to do with my pride and joy, my daughter, Kaitlin.  I would take her to elementary and middle school in this car.  She would beg for me to do so!  Why?  Because EVERYONE took notice.  It had such a deep, throaty rumble with its dual 3″ exhaust with two-chamber Flowmasters, its low ground clearance and its “look at me Red” paint scheme.  Why wouldn’t she want to be seen in it?!?

So, here’s a funny story.   I was working one day when Kaitlin’s mom, my wife then, called me saying she was heading back to the school as the 7 year old Kaitlin had brought back some school work that needed to be addressed and she would share with me when I returned home from work.  When I arrived home, I was shown a picture that Kaitlin had drawn for an assignment called “draw something you remember from the weekend.”  She decided to draw a picture of she and I driving through the grocery store parking lot.  Quite the artist, Kaitlin depicted the two of us in the bright red #69 rolling through the parking lot with ALL of the car alarms going off in the parking lot!  She would laugh with that unrestricted childhood joy at all the cars screeching in unison as we rumbled through the lot creating a cacophony of shrill notes.   The way in which it was drawn made it appear we had been breaking into the cars!  So, off to school to set the record straight…..   These are the kind of memories that only a special bond can create, and in this case, it is a special bond around this car.  Kaitlin has such a strong affinity for this car that it is the only item she has asked be left to her in my Will!

We are lining up our plan and partners to participate in the resurrection of  The Beast, which will start off with body work and be followed with a new front clip.  This care was AWESOME  as it sat, however we are looking to make it even better yet.  We are contemplating this incarnation as being Ultimate Street Car Challenge compliant as we look at our rebuild strategy and welcome comments suggestions and offers for its rebuild.  Regardless, she will only be that much better in her next life!

Stay tuned for more.

Camaro Karl

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