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June 26, 2017

And Here We Go!

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The 2017 United States Touring Car Championship (USTCC) finally started for “Life’s Good Racing!” June 17th and 18th at Sonoma Raceway. Up to that point we had not fielded any cars in the USTCC because LGR has been so very busy in our shop performing street and track modifications to a myriad of customer cars. You name it and we have performed some sort of modification/performance enhancement either for the track or street, and in a lot of cases both track and street!

Getting back to our weekend at Sonoma and the USTCC. The newest rookie competitor in the series happens to be our very own Cedric Walker. Cedric is a long time friend of LGR’s Beau Borders who drove our #12 BMW M3 to the 2015 USTCC TC championship. Now Cedric is competing in that very same car, and it’s even more developed and sorted! Cedric had shown an interest in racing one of LGR’s cars so this last year he participated in National Auto Sports Association’s (NASA) HPDE program and obtained his racing license late last year after a season of HPDE and coaching from LGR’s team Manager/Pro Driver Dave Brown.

Cedric entered his first professional auto race by qualifying fifth in TC out of eight cars in that class then followed it up on Sunday by finishing fifth in class but eighth overall out of twenty cars! The USTCC race was multi class. It featured the Touring Car (TC) class but also included the very fast GT and ST groups along with the older SP class. All in all, Cedric did a phenomenal job and we are so very pleased with his success and progress.

Looking forward to round four August 12-13 at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows CA. It will be hot as always that time of year but LGR and Cedric will be up to the challenge.

Until next time…..Pitt

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