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April 16, 2017

2017 Season Begins and Lots of Happenings

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from the driver’s seat…  April 16, 2017

The new racing season has begun and has seen a varied focus on the part of Life’s Good Racing! as compared to previous seasons.  We’ve already attended two NASA events, Sonoma and Thunderhill, fielding the Team entry into NP01 (#22NP01) at these events and supporting multiple customers and their various endeavors ranging from learning how to drive on the track to securing racing licenses, to trying out new chassis setups and new parts.  We were present not only at Thunderhill this weekend for the NASA event, but also at the USTCC event this weekend at Laguna Seca and did not field a car in the race, the first time in four or five years!


Are we still excited to compete in USTCC?  Absolutely!  It’s just that our focus has migrated to supporting our customers’ competition efforts in this series as we continue to build Life’s Good Racing!   We still have our extremely competitive stable of entries, including the #12M3, #11M3, #1Mitsubishi and #96Camaro.  Each is available for competition in USTCC, or other series, for qualified racers.  The cars are also available, along with others in our stable, for HPDE, track days, private events, and our own events.

In addition to the above track endeavors, we have significantly expanded the range of street car work that we are doing and, as a result, have had many fun and exciting projects from customers ranging from a badass 68 Firebird (“LS Birdman”) to a sleeper 75 Volvo into which we stuffed an LS!  We have more coming in and enjoy the engineering, fabrication, and challenge associated with each.

We will continue to have a significant and growing presence at the track as we also focus on our customers’ street and track cars.   Much, much more to come!

We want to also acknowledge our partnerships with SpeedSF and OnGrid, two fantastic track clubs and IsideProductions, a video and promotion service offering some amazing services.





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