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May 22, 2010

2010 Season Sponsors

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Team Life’s Good Racing!TM announces sponsors for the 2010 season.
On the eve of the season opener at Infineon Raceway Life’s Good Racing! TM announced support from two new sponsors and one returning sponsor from the 2009 season.   Providing this news, Karl Chicca, team owner and co-driver, stated “I am pleased to broaden the scope of our team to include three power houses in the field of high performance parts as we welcome Hawk Performance, the leader in racing brake pad technology; AIP Electronics, an innovator in high performance, reliable, OEM based, ignition systems; and ClutchMasters, the manufacturer of the race winning clutches that powered us the Life’s Good Racing!TM team to six wins in the Camaro-Mustang Challenge (CMC2) Northern California series, and seven wins in the CMC2 Sourthern California series.  We expect even more success this season with their assistance.”

For more information on each of these companies, please visit their respective websites, or send inquiries to karl@lifesgoodracing.com.

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