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Next Event: April 26 & 27, Thunderhill Raceway, Willows, Calif, #96 Camaro Super Unlimited, #69 Camaro Time Trials

Time Trials Schedule

April 26 - 27 Thunderhill Raceway
May 24 - 25 Thunderhill Raceway
June 14 -15 Sonoma Raceway
July 26 - 27 Laguna Seca
Aug 30 - 31 Thunderhill Raceway
Sept 27 - 28 Sonoma Raceway
Oct 25 - 26 Sonoma Raceway
Nov 7 - 9 Sonoma Raceway

69 Camaro Passenger Quotes


'69 Camaro battles
Ferrari 458
Challenge at Laguna Seca


'69 Camaro vs
Ferrari 458 Italia


'69 Camaro chasing
1967 Mustang

....some history....

I purchased this car from Bob Woods outside of Reno Nevada in 1996.  Bob had run the car frequently in the Nevada  Open Road Races, including The Silver State and the Pony Express.  When I purchased the car it had a 383 Chevy  small block, TH350 transmission, and open rear end.  Bob was pushing the car to speeds of around 160mph.

The car was an all original sheet metal Camaro SS with center console.  He had reupholstered the car in leather and in spite of its high top end, was very comfortable and driveable.  I tracked it a few times “as is”, and then the metamorphosis began.

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Life's Good Racing! TM 69 Camaro Videos
'69 Camaro chasing
' 67 Mustang (AGAIN!)
April 14, 2013

Sears Point
DB driving
Dave Pittinger Passenger

Thunderhill Raceway
Class Record 1:54.249

Sears Point
2/12/2012 DB

2:01.01 Lap

Sears Point 1:47.9 Lap 12/7/2011

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Specs, Data and Misc.

Western Endurance Racing Championships (WERC), Super Unlimited and USTCC-GT Camaro

WERC (Enduro) Schedule
June 7 Buttonwillow Raceway - 3 Hr
Aug 16 Miller Motorsports Park - 6 Hr
Oct 4 Buttonwillow Raceway - 3 Hr

Super Unlimited Schedule
April 26 - 27 Thunderhill Raceway
May 24 - 25 Thunderhill Raceway
June 14 - 15 Sonoma Raceway
July 26 - 27 Laguna Seca
Aug 30 - 31 Thunderhill Raceway
Sept 27 - 28 Sonoma Raceway

On display at
Danville Auto Museum
In support of
Diabetic Youth Foundation
1969 & 2012 Camaros

From The Archives
WERC 2hr Enduro Start Sonoma, Feb 16, 2014

See Dave Brown as the Mitsubishi factory professional race car driver giving Mitsubishi Eclipse owners the rides of their lives!

Larry the 44 year old divorcee

Bob the 83 year old
retired WW2 fighter pilot

Kathy, 44 years old with
"mid life crisis" car

Amber, 20 years old
with brand new Eclipse

Ellen Su, 22 years old
and works for CPA firm

Anythony, 30 years old
software support engineer

More Videos of Dave Brown

Life's Good Racing!TM
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USTCC Race Schedule

May 3 -4 Spring Mountain, NV 
May 24 - 25 Thunderhill Raceway
June 28 - 29 Laguna Seca
Sept 13 - 14 Sonoma Raceway
Nov 15 - 16 Thunderhill Raceway

Update: April 1, 2014

..... And, Away We Go!
to USTCC Opener, Saturday April 5 .....

March 15 and 16 were successful first time outings for both Mario Lento and Karl Chicca during a beautiful weekend in wine country’s Sonoma Raceway as each competed in their initial races in the rides they will be piloting in US Touring Car this season.  Mario achieved two wins in ST3 piloting the #10 Mitsubishi while Karl followed up with two P2s in the #12 M3.  They used this track time to familiarize themselves with their respective machines in prep for the exciting USTCC opener at Buttonwillow Saturday April 5. 

Dave Brown drove the #96 Camaro to two P4s in the highly competitive Super Unlimited class, which was dominated by prototype cars.  He also took a first in Time Trials Unlimited.  All in all, this was a great “shake down” weekend for
Team Life's Good Racing!TM.

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Life's Good Racing! TM USTCC VIDEOS

Nov 11, 2012
Final Drive TV
Episode 32

Laguna Seca
October 21, 2012
Dave Brown rockets from 10th to 3rd
at the flag

Dave Brown takes early lead at
Thunderhill in USTCC Race #4
See Dave Brown's USTCC flag-to-flag
win courtesy
of Final Drive TV
USTCC 2008 Lancer Sears Point
June 17 2012 WIN!
Final DriveTV USTCC
Race 2
Thunderhill Raceway
May 20 2012

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